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    Aragonese Centre for Augmentative & Alternative Communication

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Spanish sign language in CATEDU/Arasaac

If you want to look for SSL meanings, you can check our SSL Videos or Pictures catalogues.

ASZA Foundation, Aragon-Accesible has made for   ARASAAC all the interpretation of Spanish Sign Language concepts and definitions contained in catalogs, and brief information about the Community and Deaf Culture.

The aim of this work is to provide some basic communication tools for teachers with deaf and / or hearing impaired in their classrooms. The information is structured into several sections for easier reading and comprehension.

These sections are:


  1. Presentation
  2. Basic facts about LSE. It includes some features of the LSE, but it is not enough to understand the complexity of a language.
  3. Glossary terms. It shows a series of terms and their definitions to talk properly about  LSE and the deaf. It also includes information on some misconceptions about the LSE.
  4. How to communicate with a deaf person. Tips and basic tools for communication with deaf people.
  5. Systems created for educational purposes. Collect methods used in education with Deaf People.
  6. Links / Bibliography